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  • Insurance claims for property damage and personal injury from motor vehicle collisions can be a significant issue. Generally claims of personal injury involve soft tissue damage. Headaches, cervical and spinal issues lead the list.
  • Phantom vehicles, rear end collisions, hit and run as well as a swerving vehicle are common in insurance frauds.
  • Common sense, an understanding of occupant kinematics and a thorough damage assessment which involves a vehicle’s change in speed can help to sort out what is factual and what is fraudulent.
  • Proper statements and an analysis of the stated information with the physical evidence is a great benefit in determining the legitimacy of a claim.
  • There can also be claims that a vehicle defect caused the collision in question. These claims can be addressed by a thorough vehicle and or part examination, photographs, as well as a check of particular vehicle data bases dealing with recalls, defects and technical service bulletins.
  • Crash data retrieval systems can also provide valuable information to confirm whether or not there may have been a particular failure.

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